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8 Self-Actualisation Traits And How They Make You More Successful


Self actualisation is a school of thought which emerged in the 1950s, spearheaded by Abraham Maslow, American Psychologist. His theories turned psychology on its head from a prior focus of studying the intricacies of mental illness, instead to nurturing positive mental health. Self actualisation is the concept of fulfilling your potential - harnessing the skills that lie within you for maximum effect and success. This could be in any area of day-to-day life be it creative, professional, intellectual or social. A person that is self actualised is thought to be at the top of their game, succeeding in their chosen fields; [...]

8 Self-Actualisation Traits And How They Make You More Successful2019-06-16T12:35:34+00:00

All You Need To Know About Emotional Intelligence For Business Development


Business managers have often risen to their positions because they are good at ‘doing’. They organise teams, manage projects and ensure the smooth running of operations. What gets regularly overlooked however is the importance of ‘feeling’ in management. Going beyond the tasks, and understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in business development. Despite the rise in AI, business, when it comes down to it, is about people. People are not (yet!) robots; able to separate themselves from emotion in their business interactions and tasks. This means that emotion is an intrinsic part of business. And those managers that can master empathy [...]

All You Need To Know About Emotional Intelligence For Business Development2019-06-16T12:35:15+00:00

How To Inspire Positive Change In Your Business


If your business has been doing the same things in the same way for a long time, it could be stuck in a repetitive rut. More commonly this is a result of a poor company culture, which takes perseverance and consistent commitment to combat.We’ll discuss this in more depth later. There’s a reason that 94% of executive plus 88% of employees point to having a distinct workplace culture as an important factor in the success of any business. You might be able to feel it. Maybe there’s a lack of enthusiasm among staff and complacency has started to take hold. Maybe [...]

How To Inspire Positive Change In Your Business2019-06-16T12:35:00+00:00

The Truth About Success: How To Improve Customer Service For Growth


Customer service is the foundation of every business. No matter what you’re doing or selling, you won’t be successful if your business is built on bad service. And that can’t be viewed in general terms, or the overall effectiveness of your customer service, or the average level of your customer satisfaction. It’s about the whole experience, every single member of your team pulling in one direction to create a cohesive whole. It’s about how you’re measuring customer experience and expectations, and not only ensuring every stage of their journey is exceptional, but that the metrics you use to gauge that success [...]

The Truth About Success: How To Improve Customer Service For Growth2019-06-16T12:34:46+00:00

The Most Overlooked Strategy For Business Growth And How To Use It


In business, everyone is looking to succeed. To grow their operations, expand their client base, branch out into new areas, and gain recognition as the best of the best in their field. Everyone you talk to has a different secret to this success. Everything you read offers up different solutions. How do you know which strategy is the key to accelerating your business growth? The truth is, there’s no one size fits all strategy for business growth. What works for a large multinational company may not work for an SME. What works for a tech company may not work for a [...]

The Most Overlooked Strategy For Business Growth And How To Use It2019-06-16T12:34:31+00:00

7 Easy Ways To Dramatically Improve Manager Performance


Management is no easy task. Yes, it’s about ensuring the smooth running of business operations, and all those daily tasks and problems that have to be dealt with. But ultimately successful management depends on mastering the ability to inspire others to deliver commitment, rather than simple compliance. A poor manager will not only damage productivity, but will also undermine your company culture, and stunt employee morale. Poor management results in teams becoming disengaged with their roles and the goals of their company in the wider world. Disengagement leads to apathy, and employees stop putting in the extra effort (or any effort [...]

7 Easy Ways To Dramatically Improve Manager Performance2019-06-25T11:09:35+00:00

How To Easily Use Agile Working For A Business Success


Agile working is a buzzwords that’s become very popular in recent years, yet really all it means is finding non-traditional work methods to elevate your thinking and the way you do business. You’ve likely heard of agile working before, and may have taken steps to instigate agile practices into your company. But are you really agile, or just limping along using outdated work formats? The days of suffering under the 9 to 5 grind, employees chained to desks and stifled by processes, procedures, and unproductive habits are dying out. Instead, the professional world is waking to the fact that being physically [...]

How To Easily Use Agile Working For A Business Success2019-06-16T13:29:05+00:00

How To Empower Your Leadership Team


For business success now and in the future, you need a great leadership team. By this, we don’t simply mean managers. Managers are vital to keep operations flowing, but we’re talking about your leaders – those that inspire your workforce to reach higher, dream bigger and believe in your business. You may have a team in place that you believe are the right people to lead your employees. But without the correct support, that leadership team won’t fulfil the roles and expectations set for them. To reach their potential as great leaders, they need to feel empowered to go out and [...]

How To Empower Your Leadership Team2019-05-01T09:43:56+00:00

How To Cultivate Business Innovation For Success And Growth


Innovating is one of those things all businesses think they should be doing, but may not know how to actually go about it. Your business may have already come up with a game-changing idea or product in your industry, but that doesn’t mean you should stop there (did Apple stop innovating after releasing the iPod?) Or you might be looking for a way of making a splash or putting your business on the map. If you’ve been doing the same things the same way for years, you need to start innovating to keep your company relevant and profitable. Here’s our complete [...]

How To Cultivate Business Innovation For Success And Growth2019-06-02T15:49:35+00:00

How To Transform Your Managers Into Leaders


There’s a huge difference between management and leadership. In an ideal world, your managers will offer a balance of both – the skills to organise workloads and projects, and the inspiration that drives teams to excel. Often, employees are promoted to management level in a company because they have been successful in their role, not because they have shown particularly strong management or leadership traits. This means that when they move into management, they fail to live up to expectations. It’s not just new managers that can fall short. Managers who have been in role a long time can become [...]

How To Transform Your Managers Into Leaders2019-04-07T19:09:31+00:00

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