You know where you want your business to be, but how do you get there?

Moving forward means change – whether that’s changing attitudes, skills, processes or performance.

We’re Empathy and we bring a fresh energy to your organisation. We help to revitalise client services, empower senior leaders, or support career or company transitions with our professional training and coaching techniques.

Having worked with businesses large and small, from DLA Piper to Tracey Miller Family Law, for more than a decade, we know the challenges you face. A disengaged or inefficient workforce, leaders that are not leading or a lack of the right personal or commercial skills can stop you achieving business growth.

Overcoming these challenges means embracing change. It’s not always easy, but it starts with your people – invest in them and you can reach your goals.

We’ll energise and motivate you to bring about change, large or small, and steer a clear path to the other side.

Time For A Change?


Our founder Simon Bernstein brings 15 years of knowledge and expertise to our consultancy services, as well as a large dose of personality and enthusiasm. Simon knows how to get the best out of people with his refreshing and inspiring approach, helping them reach their full potential.

He gets to the heart of what’s holding your company back and helps you explore solutions and new perspectives; because he believes that fully-developed teams and leaders make for successful businesses.

Simon’s techniques work because he has a passion for people – he’ll engage and challenge you to look at your performance, attitudes and skills and to reach even higher.

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We have worked with firms of all sizes, with proven results in:

Developing your employees’ personal skills is a key step towards business excellence. Our coaching will help your people to gain real clarity about their goals and ambitions, giving them the motivation and strategies to reach higher and achieve enhanced results.

We work with your leaders and executives, in confidence, building trust and enabling them to realise their potential. We understand the challenges of managing and motivating staff, dealing with difficult situations or implementing change. We use a comprehensive range of tools and techniques that will empower leaders to meet these challenges head-on.

Our bespoke client experience interventions are developed to tackle the key challenges facing your organisation, ensuring individuals and teams have all the necessary skills and behaviours to deliver a first class service level experience, while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

To grow your business you need employees that are commercially focused and leaders that can identify and capitalise on opportunities. Our techniques will help you increase profitability by empowering your people, breaking habits and making a success of change.

Effective communication is the foundation of collaborative teams, confident leaders and successful businesses. We’ll help shape your leaders into engaging and inspiring communicators and transform your team’s dynamics for greater business growth.