Building a customer-centred, sustainable business

The housing sector is constantly changing – and so are the challenges.

Rising customer expectations and scrutiny from Government and the Ombudsman as well as the media spotlight means housing organisations and your people must evolve if you are to continue providing the vital housing and community services that help neighbourhoods and families thrive.

The housing associations succeeding in this tough environment have one thing in common: they provide brilliant customer experiences. Their teams collaborate, their staff think like customers, and their customers feel understood, prioritised and trusted.

This is what we help housing associations to achieve: a customer centric culture that supports modern service design and delivery.

We have worked with housing organisations for over 20 years and we understand the challenges you face. To succeed and grow through uncertain times, you need committed passionate people plus customer centred efficient processes.

Nurturing the right skills, attitudes and working culture will boost customer experience ratings and your commercial performance – it just makes sense!


If you’re currently experiencing:

• Rising customer expectations
• Rising complaints that take longer to solve
• Teams working in silos
• Staff feeling under pressure affecting their performance
• Colleagues thinking about processes instead of customers
• Process driven KPIs that encourage silo working and business inefficiencies

Empathy can work with and support you to lead an evolving culture resulting in:

• Happier customers, fewer complaints and more sustainable lettings
• Customer focused KPIs
• Role model managers, empowered teams, high performing staff with 100% clarity of expectations, who collaborate and think like customers
• Improved business efficiency and commercial performance

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What makes our approach different?

Have you tried customer service interventions before and been disappointed that the initial enthusiasm and results haven’t lasted past the training?

This isn’t just another customer service training intervention.

Our programmes leave you with long-lasting impact because we don’t do it to you, we do it with you.

We will leave you with frameworks and developed colleagues ensuring that you are continuously evolving across the whole business.

And the great news is that typically the programme’s net cost is zero, with fees recouped through improved outcomes and first-time resolutions whilst resources spent on complaints and avoidable contacts will reduce.

Message me today with ‘FREE CONSULTATION’ to book a free 30-min consultation to explore what might be possible for your organisation.

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“Simon is a master of really understanding how people make a business tick and his bespoke programmes drive engagement and enhance leadership skills at all levels. He has worked with HMS team for many years which has helped us deliver our forward-thinking culture.”

John Barrow, construction director, HMS

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