The key to a happy and productive workforce is making sure they feel important and valued. Follow our eight steps to staff empowerment and help them reach their full potential.

If you’re a manager, your success depends on the success of your team. Empowering your employees unlocks their full potential, increasing productivity and creativity. A workforce that is engaged, supported and challenged will not just ‘survive’ in their roles, but thrive and achieve.

Sparking imagination in the workplace can be difficult, so here are eight top tips to inspire and empower your employees to take more responsibility, and create a positive working environment.
Be clear
As their leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure they understand their role and what you expect from them. When people are clear on their objectives, they will have more confidence in their work and become far more efficient.
Encourage creative thinking
Creative thinking offers diversity and ensures your business always stays fresh. Whether young, new or inexperienced staff, make sure you encourage their ideas. They can offer a fresh perspective and alternative thinking; ensuring your business doesn’t get caught in tunnel vision and become static.
Create a safe environment
Mistakes make way for great ideas and innovation. It’s important you create a safe working environment where employees can try and fail without fear. By encouraging your staff to move out of their comfort zone, important lessons are learned and new ideas developed.
Consistent feedback
Communicating with your employees is key to effective working relationships. Don’t wait for annual reviews or personal performance reviews; make sure you regularly give them feedback on their projects and tasks. Feedback should be motivational and forward focused, building on positive actions and how to learn from mistakes.
Personalised support
As well as a manager, you should also be a mentor to your employees. Take the time to understand where their skills set lies, what areas they excel in and what their limitations are. It’s then up to you to provide the correct coaching and skills to drive the changes through your organisation. Ensure you contribute to each team member achieving their full potential.
Demonstrate trust
Demonstrating trust is the best way to gain employee loyalty. Outline their goals and inspire them to achieve in their own way. Empower them to take their own course of action and they will accomplish goals with their own flair and creativity. Valuing diversity makes sound business sense. It creates opportunities for learning, attracting talent, and for fresh perspectives and customer excellence.
Delegating with shared responsibility
Many of your employees will want to develop. Delegation is one of the best ways for them to test themselves and build confidence in managing tasks above and beyond their normal responsibilities. This doesn’t mean dumping low value tasks on them. Delegate those tasks which can give them a great sense of achievement. Trust them to deliver whilst making sure you provide the right level of support and direction. When it goes well, give them credit. If it doesn’t, share the responsibility and take the opportunity to learn!
Show your appreciation
Showing your appreciation is crucial in motivating your employees. One of the key issues in ineffective teams is low staff morale and feeling undervalued. By letting your employees know they are appreciated, they will take their efforts from ordinary to extraordinary.

The above tips are designed to offer general advice on how to achieve a happy and productive workforce. However, if you would like to ensure you have the best people, working at their best, contact us today to find out how Empathy can transform your business.