How To Easily Use Agile Working For A Business Success


Agile working is a buzzwords that’s become very popular in recent years, yet really all it means is finding non-traditional work methods to elevate your thinking and the way you do business. You’ve likely heard of agile working before, and may have taken steps to instigate agile practices into your company. But are you really agile, or just limping along using outdated work formats? The days of suffering under the 9 to 5 grind, employees chained to desks and stifled by processes, procedures, and unproductive habits are dying out. Instead, the professional world is waking to the fact that being physically [...]

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How To Empower Your Leadership Team


For business success now and in the future, you need a great leadership team. By this, we don’t simply mean managers. Managers are vital to keep operations flowing, but we’re talking about your leaders – those that inspire your workforce to reach higher, dream bigger and believe in your business. You may have a team in place that you believe are the right people to lead your employees. But without the correct support, that leadership team won’t fulfil the roles and expectations set for them. To reach their potential as great leaders, they need to feel empowered to go out and [...]

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How To Transform Your Managers Into Leaders


There’s a huge difference between management and leadership. In an ideal world, your managers will offer a balance of both – the skills to organise workloads and projects, and the inspiration that drives teams to excel. Often, employees are promoted to management level in a company because they have been successful in their role, not because they have shown particularly strong management or leadership traits. This means that when they move into management, they fail to live up to expectations. It’s not just new managers that can fall short. Managers who have been in role a long time can become [...]

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The Power Of Habit: How To Fix Bad Business Practices


Habits are hard to break, especially if we don’t know we’re doing them. In business, some habits can have a negative impact on your ability to grow and succeed. It’s easy to get tied up in the day-to-day needs of your business in this 24-hour, infinitely connected world. Daily management and short term problem solving can take up your whole attention, leaving little room for reflection. You’re so busy ‘doing’, you’re falling into bad habits without even realising it. Identifying bad habits – and replacing them with good habits – can have a dramatic effect on your people, productivity and future [...]

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